The New Media Medicine Cabinet

by societyofsmallness


Still from “Scratching To Survive” by Frank George Kanelos


Still from “Couples” by Elena Tejada-Herrera

Curated by Elena Tejada-Herrera

Once full of potions and salves, this medicine cabinet is now inhabited by creatures of complex psyches. For only one day you will have a chance to glance into their existence.

Child of the cold northern sky, Anja Morell, brings works from an isolated but warm perspective. Anja’s work questions esthetic and social norms and constructs through humor and surreality, ultimately revealing a wide range of social anxieties and stigmas.

Frank George Kanelos was born in Virginia. He works on performance, video art and participative art forms. He has exhibited his work internationally, in Greece, Peru, Russia, and in the United States. In Scratching To Survive a man scratches every object and building that he encounters. Scratching becomes a metaphor for the current economic crisis and the efforts to stay alive and creative.

Christopher Sonny Martinez is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in photography, video, and performance. His work examines how belief can overcome apathy to conceive a new reality. Through painterly images and storytelling, Christopher tackles issues of identity and sexual inadequacy.

Elena Tejada-Herrera is an interdisciplinary artist whose work facilitates public participation. She creates environments for creative collective aesthetic experiences by means of different art mediums and other non-artistic practices. Elena challenges traditional conceptions of gender primarily through multimedia interactive installations that deal with sexual issues from a woman’s perspective. She is interested in how women use media art and other platforms to create contemporary discourses that influence how we experience and practice politics in our everyday lives.