Behold! The various projects and underachievements of the Society of Smallness.

Documents Bureau August 19, 2015
We participated in an event at the National Museum of Mexican Art that centered around Rodrigo Lara’s exhibition, “Deportable Aliens.”  The exhibit,  our intervention, and even the 5 Rabbit beer served aimed to bring attention to a little-acknowledged mass deportation of Mexican-born persons during the 1930s.

Documents Bureau: The Climatic Cathartic Confessions Desk February 7–8, 2015
Because bureaucracy is inevitable and the weather is objectionable, the Society of Smallness brings you Documents Bureau (The Climatic Cathartic Confessions Desk), a carnivalesque, clerkish occasion to help you shake off seasonal affective disorder.

Documents Bureau June 27–29, 2014
A rambunctious and interactive performance takes the boredom and bewilderment out of bureaucracy to achieve a creative and convivial experience. Festival-goers at the 2014 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival take agency over the smaller aspects of their lives: through name changes, pardons, affidavits and more. Once again we prove that no administrative task is too small for our punctilious clerks.

Spiritoscope_sqGateway to Hobohemia, A Roving Séance
February 1, 2014

Our Roving Séance conjures up 1920s Chicago, and cultural hotspot The Dil Pickle. The SOS will travel with a coterie of clerks whose steadfast commitment to keeping the bureaucracy intact will summon spirits from the jazz era.

ArtsDistrict_CreamBkg_121313DMini-Exhibitiothon ii: Arts District December 8, 2013
Building on the underachievements of the past year, The Society of Smallness humbly presents Mini-Exhibitiothon ii: the Duchess Credenza Arts District. Located throughout the nooks and crannies of the residence at 2536 W. Thomas, the district comprises a smidgen of up and coming, thimble-sized visual art venues and fledgling research bureaus. In addition to incredible art in impossibly small places, Mini-exhibitiothon ii will feature cartographers, a nature guide, and not one, but two pseudo Napoleonic scholars. Twelve hours of events run from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

IMG_2482_sqClutch Gallery – January 1, 2013 to present
Clutch Gallery is a 25-square-inch space located in the heart of Meg Duguid’s purse, which is currently being carried by by Georgina Valverde as the headquarters for Society of Smallness. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art of all media. Clutch opened in December 2009.  For more information, follow Clutch on Facebook or visit Clutch Gallery’s blog.

IMG_7675_sq_satUnsuspicious Activity Around an Attended Package February 9, 2013
As participants in  2FR Festival, the SOS rode the rails with Clutch on the CTA Blue Line between Division and Logan Square. Our good looking and moderately talented docents provided guided tours of Clutch. Periodically, we grew distracted and wandered off the El to get drinks, type an edict or pardon, or visit other 2FR exhibitors.  Through these seemingly idiosyncratic tics the SOS kept Clutch in the heart of the action and create a frolicsome roving experience.

2013-01-03 11.36.30_sqYard Sale February 3, 2013
Annie Morse and Kevin Pierce hosted the SOS Yard Sale — a 36″ x 36″ lot of finery. A farrago of trinkets, charms, orphaned buttons, odd mementoes, and miscellaneous bric-a-brac as well as mini muffins. Each item for sale fit in the palm of your hand.

DSC_0056_sqInaugural Mini-Exhibitiothon And Member Tryouts November 4, 2012
Ten Tiny Shows in Five Hours at Casa de Arte y Cultura Calles y Sueños in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. All ten events took place in a steel object (aka, NBP) which was on loan to the SOS from the Logan Arts Center as part of its exhibition “Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?” by Ricardo Basbaum.