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Manicured Perceptions

by societyofsmallness


One of several featured performances at the SOS’s Mini-exhibitiothon ii.

by Vivian Malmgren and Kat Seno

Don’t let slovenliness be an excuse for not coming to the SOS’s Mini-exhibitiothon ii. Vivian Malmgren and Kat Seno will be on hand to groom more than your cuticles. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Media Medicine Cabinet

by societyofsmallness


Still from “Scratching To Survive” by Frank George Kanelos


Still from “Couples” by Elena Tejada-Herrera

Curated by Elena Tejada-Herrera

Once full of potions and salves, this medicine cabinet is now inhabited by creatures of complex psyches. For only one day you will have a chance to glance into their existence. Read the rest of this entry »