Manicured Perceptions

by societyofsmallness


One of several featured performances at the SOS’s Mini-exhibitiothon ii.

by Vivian Malmgren and Kat Seno

Don’t let slovenliness be an excuse for not coming to the SOS’s Mini-exhibitiothon ii. Vivian Malmgren and Kat Seno will be on hand to groom more than your cuticles.

Vivian Malmgren is a freelance animator and graphic designer. She graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago in 2005. She has spent two years performing in an improvisational troop called Organic Monkey based in Pilsen, Chicago. She is currently working on an independent flash animated series.

Kat Seno is a visual artist. She graduated the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005 and from Rhode Island School of Desing in 2010. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States.