Photo Gallery: Documents Bureau at the National Museum of Mexican Art

by Micromanager

Front Desk 1

It begins with a long line. Once you reach the front, your new identity is assigned.

Front Desk 2

One desk handles both intake and document inspection and stamping.

Repatriation slip

Surprise! you just got a new identity.

Clerking station 1

Line management protocol dictates that when crowds form, numbers are to be distributed.

Travel Fortunes

Travel fortunes give our travelers a taste of the realities of the journey ahead.

Document 1

One particularly liberating document

Document 2

Someone’s headed across the pond.

Crowd 1

A crowd hovers in front of the 5 Rabbit Brewery Beer station.

Clerking 1

We assure you such unconstructive hilarity isn’t standard policy.

Clerking 2

Behind that beard is Henry, clerk of the month in February 2014.

Typewriter detail

We’ve been known to type at speeds upwards of 30 WPM.

Document 3

The power of the permit.

Document 4

Mateo gets an honorific.

Document 5

Hey kiddo — you’re in the official record.

Document 6

This certificate honors Chinga Tu Pelo beer, a 5 Rabbit-created beverage that stands in protest of Donald Trump and his f-ing hair.

Clerkness 1

Marcos supervised the floor wearing one of his legendary masks.


People hanging around after the artist’s talk.

Clerking 3

Marianne, a fine clerk who should really bring a box of tissues to her clerking station. It’s free therapy, folks.

Clerking 4

Victoria calls a number.

Document 7


Document 8

Office of Species Clarification. That sounds bogus.