The Best Summer Spot to Spout off — the Bughouse Square Debates

by Micromanager

Bughouse Emcee

Will Clinger emcees. In the background, Captain Chicago displays minimal interest in the issues.

Bughouse Bystand v2

Active listener

Bughouse speech Brandon

Mystery debater waxes on about professionalism

Bughouse Speech Kenny

“Free speech never was freer than in this unique spot on the near north side.”

Bughouse Crowd v3

The unwashed masses.

Bughouse Bystand

Face-to-face is the ultimate goal.

Bughouse Speech Marcos

Marcos Herrera, a.k.a. Liarr Frequemente

Speaker Dr. C

Dr. Chamberlain punctuates.

Celebrity Crowd

Speechless, enthralled, and bemused

Kevin on Soapbox

“As an aphid, I would rather die in the clutches of a ladybug, than live as a pooping sugar slave to the Moloch Ants of Madness.”

Bughouse Crowd  v3

The unswayed.

Kat in Crowd

“5 minutes” was strictly enforced by Senior Little Helper Kat Seno

Bughouse Crowd v2

A view of the crowd.

Speaker Kalman 2015

Kalman advocated for children’s right to vote.

Speaker Raj

We liked Raj’s spunk, but not his message: “Minorities are lazy, illiterate, take advantage of handouts, etc.”

Musical Accompanyment

Perry Cowdery can blow into the melodica for hours, delivering sonic reconciliation to debaters.

Bughouse crowd

Bill Geraci claims that World War II stretched from 1937 – 1991. What?!!!