Mini-exhibitiothon ii: Lay of the Land

by societyofsmallness


Map of The Three Lands from the game Dungeonslayers by Ralf Schemmann

As the date nears for the SOS’s Mini-exhibitiothon ii, many may feel a wee bit anxious about how they’re going to navigate the tinyscape of the Duchess Credenza Arts District. You may also be wondering what may be the most advantageous time for your visit. Be sure to consult the schedule listed here to get a head start.

The program will begin at 10:00 a.m., give or take a few minutes needed to conduct roll call with our cat security team.  This year we are keeping it simple: hot chocolate, mini donuts, and a fanfare, although not necessarily in that order. The sound of a trumpet or a tuba—we are in the midst of auditions—will kickoff the day’s festivities. Morning would be a great time to arrive as our docents will be filled with early morning purpose and ready to guide you to the many attractions: The Mansion, the Dye Cabinet, Hole-In-The-Wall Gallery, The Ledge, and the Silenced Robin Memorial Garden, to name just a few.

In addition to the above mentioned, don’t miss Kat Seno’s “Grooming Station,” Jessica Hyatt’s “Desserting Consummation,” the erudite conversations of our Napoleonic scholars, and the aleatory guided tours led by SAIC contemporary cartographers. It’s mind boggling, so keep checking the schedule or just come and play it by ear!