Documents Bureau: Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

by Micromanager

The clerks, junior assistants, yesmen, and redundant pencil pushers of the Documents Bureau clacked their way through 123 documents at the 2014 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (MAAF) in Logan Square (Chicago). The infiltration took place over nine steamy hours on three days: Friday June 27, Saturday June 28, and Sunday June 29. Friday night featured the delights of the Sledgehammer Keyboard by Taylor Hokanson. Our crew featured: Carl Boyd, Paul Durica, Henry Harris, Marcos Herrera, Noel Jones, Marianne Joyce, Elizabeth Murphy, Kat Seno, Matt Stone, Andrea Torres, Bettina Valverde, and Georgina Valverde. Musicians Tom Conway (guitar) and Perry Cowdery (on melodica) set the mood. Special guest, Miss Annie (a.k.a. Annie Morse) gave her W.A.S.P. Divinations. Two S.O.S featured galleries were along for the trip: Clutch Gallery, showing “Nuts” by Scott Wolniak, and the RIT Dye Cabinet showing “Never Say Dye, Say Buy!” by Nicole Seisler. DocB_Sun_2076_medDocB_1873_medDocB_1829_med DocB_Sun_2135_med DocB_Sun_2090_med  DocB_2143_med DocB_2138_medDocB_1873_medDcB_2109_medSledge_3114 DocB_2119_med DocB_2117_med DocB_2105_medDocB_1823_med DocB_1888_med