Debut: The Ledge

by societyofsmallness

This is third in a series of essays featuring venues, artists, curators, and other actors participating in Mini-exhibtiothon ii. Terah Walkup’s essay provides background for her exhibit of  pilgrimage souvenirs that will consecrate The Ledge, that long, narrow strip at the top of the stairway.

Pocket Sanctity: Pilgrimage Eulogia
by Terah Walkup

pilgrim souvenir

In the 6th century A.D. an unnamed pilgrim from Piacenza, Italy visited the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. Among his observations were the following:

“In the place where the Lord’s body was laid, at the head has been placed a bronze lamp. It burns there day and night, and we took a blessing from it…Earth is brought to the Tomb and put inside, and those who go in take some as a blessing.” Read the rest of this entry »