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Gateway to Hobohemia: The Clerking and the Conjuring

by Micromanager

Gateway to Hobohemia: A Traveling Band of Clairvoyant Clerks

by Micromanager

Debut: The Mansion

by societyofsmallness


This is the first in a series of essays featuring venues, artists, curators, and other actors participating in Mini-exhibtiothon ii. Annie Morse is a longtime friend of the Society and was the organizer of the first and only Yard Sale.

“The cleverer I am at miniaturizing the world, the better I possess it.”
― Gaston Bachelard

The Mansion: A Bucks County, Pennsylvania House
by Annie Morse

The Mansion needs rehabbing. Its rusting walls and bent floors give evidence of a long life of hard play, rough love, and finally neglect. Yet once it was new: a desired, unblemished, perfect place.

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Yard Sale

by Micromanager