Minuscule Propagation

by societyofsmallness

Our contribution to the Festival of the Smallest is a minifesto that speaks to the idea of letting small be small. The text was written by hand in microscript (an homage to Robert Walser, the consummate microscript scribe).

We are sharing a downloadable PDF (scroll down to access). We’d like to see the minifesto distributed while still adhering to its principles. Here are some ideas:

  • Print the minifesto on very thin paper. Fold it in as many parts as possible that still allow it to remain wafer thin.
  • Slip the minifesto into a book that you borrowed from the public library or from a friend before returning it.
  • Read the minifesto in a whisper to a friend on the phone. If videoconferencing, ask your friend to close her eyes.

Be stealth and let us know what you come up with.

The 2020 minifesto team members are: Haydée Marino, Matt Stone, Kate Thomas, and Georgina Valverde.