SoS Summer Happenings

by Micromanager

There’s plenty going on this summer. Come log in some office hours with Documents Bureau or take the soapbox at Bughouse Square in July.

Documents Bureau Presents: Nature’s Notaries
Caracol in the Burnham Wildlife Corridor
Saturdays June 29, July 20 August 24, September 28
All events from 11am-2pm

Documents Bureau Presents: The Registry of Aesthetic Impressions
The Art Institute of Chicago’s Block Party
Sunday, July 21, 12:00-4:30pm

The Society of Smallness at Annual Bughouse Square Debates
Saturday, July 27, 1-4pm

Detailed info about these events:

Nature’s Notaries — Office clerks can be found in a natural setting at Caracol Gathering Space on the Burnham Wildlife Corridor where, as always, they will provide permits, certificates, or affidavits that express your love of the great outdoors and put it in official language. Learn more about Caracol here.

Registry of Aesthetic Impressions — A special production of Documents Bureau will appear at the annual Art Institute Block Party. (Yes, THAT Art Institute.) At this esteemed institution we will hold our bureaucratic court underneath a stairway in Griffin Court. Enjoy the art at a discounted entry fee and then testify to your aesthetic experience with us.

The Annual Bughouse Square Debates — The Best Summer Spot to Spout off. In a tradition as old as hobos and tramps, the Newberry Library’s Bughouse Square Debates celebrates Chicago’s past as host to “the finest soapbox culture in U.S. history.” The humble and portable soapbox stage offers just the right amount of space, time, and distance from which to practice minor acts of disruption. It takes place in Washington Square Park in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.